The Top COVID-19 News to Read

04-24-20 | The Wall Street Journal

How CEOs See Today’s Coronavirus World
Why Read: Leaders of some of the world’s largest companies, including Netflix, Snap and Coca-Cola, comment on the changes occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic in this Wall Street Journal piece. The common theme? Uncertainty. “The pandemic will probably have ‘long-lasting implications for many things we used to take for granted, like how we congregate, work, travel, interact.’ But ‘[b]ottom line, we have very little visibility,’ [AT&T CEO Randall] Stephenson said.”

04-23-20 | The Atlantic

The Voters Trump Needs Most Right Now
Why Read: “As the two parties offer dueling interpretations of Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, new polling suggests that the pandemic’s ultimate political consequences may be determined by the substantial group of voters who accept the central premise of each side’s case.” Poll results include “evidence that the pandemic could harden the geographic divide that has characterized the Trump era, with the GOP losing ground in major metropolitan areas but consolidating its hold on rural places.”

04-22-20 | Bloomberg

Americans’ Fear of Job Loss Surges to 45-Year High, Poll Shows
Why Read: According to a new Gallup poll, one-quarter of working Americans believe it is “very likely” or “fairly likely” that they will lose their job or be laid off in the next 12 months. “‘We’ve never seen this before,’ said Jeff Jones, senior editor at Gallup. ‘We’ve said we wouldn’t believe these numbers unless we were living through it.’” Bloomberg further reports that minority households have even more dire expectations, with 32 percent of working Americans of color saying they are likely to lose their job or be laid off in the next 12 months, compared with 21 percent of employed whites.

04-21-20 | The Washington Post

In two states, a vast testing gap shows what it means to have no national strategy
Why Read: This Post article illustrates the problem of not having a national COVID-19 testing strategy. “… [W]ithout comprehensive testing on a nationwide scale, it will be hard for the United States to see or predict where the next severe outbreaks will occur, experts say.”

04-21-20 | Los Angeles Times

Trump says he’ll suspend green card applications amid coronavirus outbreak
Why Read: The Los Angeles Times does a nice job of summarizing the confusion and chaos surrounding President Trump’s tweet Monday night, stating that he would close off the United States to immigration to guard against the coronavirus. It is still not clear what exactly the U.S. President’s order will do.

04-21-20 | Axios

Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus Week 6: Too risky to go back to “normal”
Why Read: President Trump has championed the idea that some U.S. states should reopen by May 1. But the latest findings from the sixth weekly installment of the Axios-Ipsos national poll suggest most Americans aren’t ready and worry it would hurt their health and well-being. The results also suggest that the recent protests in Michigan and elsewhere against the stay-at-home orders do not reflect the views of the majority of Americans.

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