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11-04-20 | USA Today

Trump falsely claims he has won election, even though ballots are still being counted
Why Read: President Trump claimed victory early Wednesday morning — a claim that was quickly disputed by major news outlets and several former Republican officials — as millions of ballots remain to be counted.

11-04-20 | POLITICO

‘This is Trump country’: Florida is a swing state no more
Why Read: President Trump won Florida by a larger margin than he did in 2016. Republicans turned out in record numbers in the Democratic stronghold of Miami-Dade County, Florida’s most populous jurisdiction. President Trump’s popularity in Florida has made America’s third most populous state reliably Republican.

11-04-20 | The New York Times

Presidential election hangs in the balance, and the nation braces for a period of uncertainty.
Why Read: The battleground states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin likely will determine the outcome of the U.S. presidential election. They could take days to tabulate remaining uncounted ballots.

11-02-20 | The New York Times – “The Daily” Podcast

A Viewer’s Guide to Election Night
Why Read: The New York Times political correspondent Alex Burns lays out three potential scenarios for tomorrow night and explains what each would mean for the ultimate results of the 2020 U.S. election.

11-02-20 | The Wall Street Journal

Now, More Than Ever, Election Week Is a Time for Patience
Why Read: Gerald Seib, Executive Washington Editor for The Wall Street Journal breaks down the complex timing and logistical issues that will delay election results in several states on Tuesday night.

11-02-20 | Monmouth University Polling Institute

Biden Holds Lead Despite Trump Gains in Swing Counties
Why Read: The race in Pennsylvania has tightened, according to the well-respected Monmouth University Polling Institute. While Joe Biden holds a 5-point to 7-point lead over Donald Trump among likely voters in Pennsylvania, these latest results are tighter than Monmouth’s poll last month, when Biden held an 11-point lead in a high turnout scenario and an 8-point lead in the low turnout model.

11-02-20 | POLITICO

The 2 big bets that will decide Florida
Why Read: Will it all come down to two big bets in Florida? That’s what POLITICO Florida Playbook reporter Marc Caputo thinks. Florida Democrats are betting that they can “turn out enough low-propensity, new and blue-leaning independent voters — along with more senior citizens than usual — to win the day.” For Florida Republicans, “it hinges on turning out their more numerous high-propensity voters on Election Day — a time-honored practice for the Florida GOP.”

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