What We Do

The Fratelli Group focuses on advocacy through effective communications to help clients succeed.


      • We craft the right messages to frame the debate effectively, and we tailor those messages so they connect with target audiences.

      • We develop, promote and protect your brand, and we manage reputation to define who you are and who you want to be.

      • We help you manage risks and address crises – including litigation, leadership changes and financial challenges – to protect your brand and reputation.

      • We write and produce case-making materials – fact sheets, brochures, testimony, e-newsletter campaigns, creative collateral, websites, etc. – that deliver your messages to the audiences you need to reach.

      • We develop internal communications so that you first win the support of your own stakeholders and allies before communicating externally.

      • We craft plans that utilize all communications channels – including earned, paid and digital media – so you can broadcast your story to the right people at the right time.

      • We manage coalitions, coordinating the overall strategy and day-to-day operations so that you stay on track and on message.

      • We help build third-party support so that yours is not the only voice making the case.

      • We engage grassroots support, putting together activation campaigns that mobilize your constituents for your cause.

      • We provide hands-on training and facilitation to make sure your team and partners are ready to put your plans into action.

      • We provide diplomatic services to embassies, ranging from legal counsel and support to communications strategy and outreach, to help them speak in their own voice, navigate Washington and achieve their goals.

      • We enhance the way you communicate with stakeholders virtually through our broadcast-quality studios.

      • We conduct media training and executive coaching, including small-group and one-on-one sessions, so that you and your team are prepared for any communications engagement.


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