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11-06-20 | USA Today

Election results update: Biden on the verge of winning presidency with leads in battlegrounds. Georgia will have a recount.
Why Read: Vice President Biden took a slim lead in Georgia, while most ballots remaining to be counted come from Democratic-leaning precincts. Biden continues to gain in Pennsylvania as remaining ballots are counted. Media outlets could call the election outcome based on new results expected later today.

11-05-20 | CNN

Why Georgia is about to become the center of the political universe
Why Read: Both U.S. Senate races in Georgia may be decided by a special election to be held on January 5, 2020. While ballots are still being tabulated in Georgia, the results so far suggest that no candidate will win more than 50 percent in either of the two U.S. Senate races in Georgia. If that result holds, both races will be decided by a special election in January in which the top two vote getters in each race will face one another. Control of the U.S. Senate could be determined by the outcome of this special election.

11-04-20 | POLITICO

‘A decade of power’: Statehouse wins position GOP to dominate redistricting
Why Read: At this time, only the New Hampshire Senate and House flipped, moving from Democratic control to Republican control — but both had just flipped to Democratic control in 2018. Democrats could still flip the Arizona House and Senate — votes are still being counted. Essentially, state legislative races produced remarkable status quo — and this keeps Republicans in the driver’s seat ahead of the federal congressional redistricting that will determine the balance of power in the U.S. Congress for the next decade.

11-04-20 | The New York Times

Biden, Flipping Michigan and Wisconsin, Says It’s ‘Clear’ He Will Reach 270
Why Read: Vice President Biden has won Michigan and Wisconsin, and is currently leading in Arizona and Nevada, providing a clear path to 270 electoral votes if current trends hold up.

11-04-20 | The Wall Street Journal

Biden Says He Is Confident of Victory, Stresses Unity in Afternoon Remarks
Why Read: Vice President Biden said on Wednesday that he is on track to win 270 electoral votes, noting positive results in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. He emphasized his intention to unify the country once the election is decided.

11-04-20 | The Wall Street Journal

Battleground Vote Count Heats Up in Tight Race Between Trump and Biden
Why Read: Vice President Biden has been declared the winner in both Michigan and Wisconsin. President Trump’s campaign has responded by filing a lawsuit in Michigan to temporarily halt the vote count. The campaign said it will seek a recount in Wisconsin.

11-04-20 | USA Today

Joe Biden makes history with total votes received, beating Barack Obama’s record
Why Read: While hundreds of thousands of outstanding ballots remain to be counted, Vice President Biden has received over 70 million votes, the most for any presidential candidate in U.S. history. Because of population growth and record turnout, President Trump may also make history by eventually accumulating the second-highest vote total among all current and former presidential candidates.

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