The Top COVID-19 News to Read

04-09-20 | The New York Times

Virus Throws Millions More Out of Work, and Washington Struggles to Keep Pace
Why Read: Federal lawmakers had hoped that the relief packages would encourage employers to keep employees on the payroll. Now, economists are increasingly agreeing that the U.S. government’s efforts to help the economy were too small and came too late to prevent businesses from abandoning their workers.

04-08-20 | Washington Post

In the absence of a national testing strategy, states go their own way
Why Read: With public health experts in wide agreement that testing is a prerequisite for the U.S. economy and society to reopen, this Washington Post report about how the federal government has no nationwide strategy is extremely alarming — especially since states are filling the void and their tests vary greatly, with resource-rich states having more comprehensive plans, while poorer ones lag far behind.

04-08-20 | The Washington Post

Infrared cameras, personal towels: China factories go to extremes to fend off virus
Why Read: While the details of how China is reopening its economy outlined in this Washington Post article could be a roadmap for other countries, they also suggest that restarting the global economy will be no easy task.

04-08-20 | The Washington Post

Gen Z was fed up with the status quo. Coronavirus could affirm their beliefs.
Why Read: This article documents America’s changing political landscape. Generation Z — which includes those born from 1997 to 2012, according to the Pew Research Center — grew up amid soaring inequality, is politically liberal, increasingly activist and fed up with the status quo. Now, the coronavirus crisis may solidify their political identity, experts say. Some Gen Zers see grim validation of their support for government-run programs and social-welfare policies that were less popular with their parents and grandparents. Seventy percent of them believe that the government should be doing more to solve problems, compared with 53 percent of Gen Xers and 49 percent of Baby Boomers, according to Pew.

04-08-20 | Reuters

Trump holds support of political base in virus-prone states
Why Read: Despite weeks of unfavorable public health and economic news, President Trump’s overall approval rating remains stable. Since the day he was inaugurated, the President has consistently drawn support from 40 to 45 percent of the American public. So far, the COVID-19 pandemic has not shaken the faith of his most ardent supporters.

04-07-20 | Bloomberg

Markets Are Telling Trump to Listen to Experts
Why Read: This Bloomberg article explains why the stock market rally this week, which briefly pushed the S&P 500 Index into technical bull territory, provides evidence that many investors believe strict public health measures — not wishful thinking — are the fastest path to recovery.

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