The Top USA News to Read

06-10-20 | The New York Times

How Public Opinion Has Moved on Black Lives Matter
Why Read: This article illustrates the dramatic rise in support for the Black Lives Matter movement over the past two weeks, an unusually rapid shift in U.S. public opinion with potentially significant electoral consequences.

06-10-20 | Bloomberg

Mnuchin Backs New Stimulus Targeted to Stragglers in Reopening
Why Read: In testimony delivered before Congress today, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said the U.S. economy needs additional stimulus, particularly for businesses struggling to reopen from COVID-19-related closures. The shape of the next stimulus package will undoubtedly have an impact on the November elections, depending on who benefits from it.

06-09-20 | The Washington Post

In Georgia, primary day snarled by long lines, problems with voting machines — a potential preview of November
Why Read: Voting problems have plagued elections across the United States this primary season. The latest issues in yesterday’s primary election in Georgia reinforce concerns about election procedures for the November general election.

06-08-20 | The Wall Street Journal

Enemies See a Weak and Divided U.S.
Why Read: Conservative foreign affairs opinion columnist Walter Russell Meade argues that, far from demonstrating weakness, widespread street protests in the United States illustrate America’s enduring strengths.

06-03-20 | The New York Times

The George Floyd Election
Why Read: Veteran Political Reporter Thomas Edsall explains that the way in which Americans perceive the current wave of civil unrest and President Trump’s response may determine which candidate wins in November.

06-03-20 | The Wall Street Journal

Trump, Biden Messages to Protesters Show Contrasting Views of Voters’ Response
Why Read: The Wall Street Journal reports that President Trump and former Vice President Biden have staked out very different positions on the U.S. civil unrest that will shape their campaigns going forward.

06-01-20 | The Washington Post

As Trump attacks voting by mail, GOP builds 2020 strategy around limiting its expansion
Why Read: The debate over mail-in ballots will likely grow more heated before November and may influence how voters perceive the legitimacy of the future President-elect.

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