Success Stories


You get a call from The New York Times with a short deadline to comment on a breaking health care services crisis involving your company. As a family-owned, regional company, you have no experience with major global media. Where do you turn for counsel and execution?

Your CEO was forced to resign under difficult circumstances. You must quickly inform internal audiences, including your Board and dues-paying members. How do you convey need-to-know info without creating unnecessary alarm or sparking a media firestorm?

A natural disaster strikes a nuclear power plant setting off an international crisis. Your company helped build the reactors but wasn’t responsible for the crisis — and you need to get your employers out of a dangerous situation. How do you walk the line between expressing concern while steering your company clear?

Bottom Line: These are phone calls we received from clients, and we helped them all navigate through periods of crisis. We focused on quickly assessing the risks, gauging the opportunities to reinforce organizational values and building and executing plans to survive the moment and pivot to the future.